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Western Pulp

Western Pulp are non-stocked items. Orders require approx. 1 week lead time. Please call us with any questions.

Western Pulp - Hanging Baskets
Wax-permeated. Available with no-rust brass eyelets for use with wire or Barbed Nylon Hangers. Or choose baskets without eyelets for use with Western’s exclusive and easy-to-install Clip-on Nylon Hangers.
Western Pulp - Large Containers
Designed for larger trees and B&B needs, these premium quality molded fiber containers are wax-permeated for extra strength and durability. Yet porous, so roots breathe and plants thrive.
Western Pulp - Planters
Great for color bowls and patio planters. Popular for decks, patios, windows, and balconies. Featured in Sunset Magazine for vegetable gardening. An ideal way to merchandise flowers, vegetables, and shrubs.
Western Pulp - Small & Medium Containers
Plantable, premium quality molded fiber containers are ideal for bareroot roses, shrubs and smaller trees. Just plant pot ’n all or use for deck and patio gardening.