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TAINIO NutraNeed

Price: $81.13
Item Number: PMTNUTRA05
**New Product**
Sold/Priced by the packet (64 oz)
One 64 oz packet treats 5 acres

Product Info:
As a soil amendment, NutraNeed™ is a high quality, stable enzyme biostimulant, which contains all the same enzymes found in our Pepzyme™ products, plus humates (in the form of liquid humic acids) in one complete package. NutraNeed™ is designed to support and stimulate the growth and metabolism of plant growth enhancing (PGE) microbes to break down organic matter and make soil nutrients such a phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium, and more, available to plants in the forms they can absorb.

This versatile liquid enzyme biostimulant can be used on all types of crops and soils. NutraNeed™ may be applied to the soil by aerial sprayer, ground sprayer, shanked in with fertilizer liquids, through seed drill starter-fertilizer application, through sprinkler systems, or by furrow or flood irrigation. NutraNeed™ can also be applied with most liquid fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

NutraNeed™is approved for use on certified organic crops and is listed by the WSDA (Washington State Department of Agriculture) Organic Program.

NutraNeed™is listed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture Organic Program.

Disclaimer: All products are for Agricultural use only. By your purchase of this product(s) you agree to only use the product(s) in strict compliance with the instructions of use on the product label and recognize that Tainio Biologicals, Inc. is not liable in any manner for any off label use.

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