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Greca Style Polycarbonate

Price: Call for Pricing
Item Number: GSDG4133*
Corrugated panels come with a warranted anti-condensate control and UV protection on one side.  This material offers the same sparkling clarity as glass, but transmits as much as 7% more light.  These panels are exceptionally resistant to weathering.  Co-extruded UV protection ensures against loss of light transmission due to yellowing.  Lightweight and flexible yet it is virtually unbreakable.  
OBC will cut shorter lengths from full lengths
Color options: Clear is a stock color. Other colors that can be quoted are: Polymatte (hazy-clear), Ice (Opal),& Bronze.
Light Transmission: Clear=89%, Polymatte(hazy)=85%, Ice(opal)=50%, Bronze=50%
Structure type: Greca
Overall width: 49.6"
Overall length: up to 32'
Net coverage: 47.8"
Pitch: 2.99"
Depth: .625"
Thickness: .03"
Coefficient of thermal expansion: 3.6 x 10-5 in/in/F
UV Transmission: <1%
Minimum bending radius (ft/1 in.): 16'
R/U Factor: R=.83/U=1.20

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