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Al's Flower Pouch
Designed to maximize space, it can be hung on walls, decks, lamp posts, around swimming pools, on balconies or under gutters. Precut slits for planting rootballs.
Anderson Plastic Pots
Premium nursery pots available in round-(sizes ranging from 4" to 12-1/2") and square-(sizes ranging from 2" to 3-9/16").
**Please note: it may take a few days lead time to get product in stock.**
East Jordan
East Jordan products now available! Call us today!
HC (ITML/Dillen) Horticultural Containers
Round and Square pots, decorative, hanging baskets, inserts, flats, carry trays.
Root Pouch Fabric Pots
Highest quality fabric grow pots and bags available for the professional grower Different fabric densities and blends specifically designed for specific growing needs
Oasis Grower Products
Special order items
Call for pricing
Pro-Cal Nursery Pots
Nursery containers available in many different sizes
Sabert Dura Pots
Standard square pots
Tex-R Geodiscs
A revolutionary product designed to help control weeds in your containers. Cuts labor costs allowed for weeding your containers with herbicides and/or by hand. Economical and environmentally friendly.
T.O. Trays & Inserts
Vaccum-formed plastic products including a full line of containers from flats to inserts, plug trays to propagation trays, and pots to specialty items.
Western Pulp
Pulp pots and hanging baskets
Proptek propagation trays, flats & air pruning containers are innovative growing solutions that get the very best out of your plants.
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7.5" Vented Dome
Price: $4.10
7.5" Vented Dome
Sold individually
Fits standard 10" x 20" trays