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The Aquamat system consists of four layers:

1. The Top Layer, the new patented Microfab anti-rooting cover, is a UV-resistant permeable woven coated textile that lets water through while keeping roots out.  
2. The Second Layer, the evaporation block, consists of a fluffy textile, which separates the absorbent mat from the top layer, thus preventing surface evaporation.  When compressed by the weight of the pots, capillary uptake will occur.  
3. The Third Layer, is a super-absorbent felt mat with high capillary properties that promote the uniform and unfettered circulation of water in all directions.  The mat holds up to 2. gallons per square yard (11.6 liters/square meter).  Layers 2 and 3 are bound together, producing a unique mat unlike any other on the market.  A capillary break every 10 feet (3.05 meters) creates individual cells.  
4. Beneath these three layers is a specially engineered watertight plastic sheet, which covers the ground and prevents water from seeping into the soil.  
5. Drip tapes are placed over the second layer at 2-foot (61 cm) intervals across the width.  

Advantages of the Aquamat System

Reduced water requirements and runoff.  Increasing concerns for water conservation are addressed by this system, which uses less than 50% of the water required by conventional irrigations systems and virtually eliminates runoff.  
Accelerated plant growth. Studies have confirmed an accelerated growth rate on woody plants of up to 35% over conventional overhead or micro-irrigation systems.  
Versatility. The possibility of using the integrated drip tape is combination with your existing overhead system is a true advantage of the Aquamat system, as it will allow you to better control our irrigation water requirements.  
Economical use. With proper installation and maintenance, this system has an average lifespan of 5 to 10 years, providing an outstanding return on investment.  
Easy to install. Light and easy to move, the 4-layer system conforms to the lay of the land, leaving no dry zone.  Technical assistance provided for proper installation and use.  

Resistance to undesirable growth. 
  • No rooting problem.
  • Virtually no algae growth and weed germination.
  • Capillary breaks every 10 feet (3.05 meters) result in individual cells that are closed environments preventing the transmission of disease from one cell to another.
  • Reduced overhead irrigation cycles help control foliar disease  in plants irrigated by sprinklers.  When the Aquamat's integrated drip-tape system is used alone, the risk of foliar disease is virtually nil.  
No change in standard cultivation practices. 
  • No land or bench leveling needed, except in areas of that are excessively concave.  Slopes of up to 3% are acceptable and have been successfully tested with overhead irrigation.  Slopes of 0-1% are recommended for drip-tape system.  
  • Suitable for most potting soils with peat content. 
  • Same containers can be used, provided they have perforated bottoms. 
  • Highly effective in use with regular 1 to 3-gallon containers.
Improve crop growth while saving water.  The Aquamat system is based on a multi-layer textile mat.  The mat allows even distribution of water from pot to pot, prevents surface evaporation and requires less water than conventional overhead irrigation systems.  The result is faster, uniform plant growth.  Easy to install.  Available in 3', 4', 5', 6' and 7' widths.  

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