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Anderson Plastic Pots


Our premium nursery pots range in size from our tiny 2-1/2" round pots to various 6" and 7-1/2" designs, up to our very large 12-1/2" round, 9-1/2" high design.

Anderson Square Pots range from 2" square to the popular 3-9/16" square size. Both Bottom Drainage and Side Drainage pots are available.
Please allow approximately 3 business days for some products to be available. Call if interested in immediate availability.

Please click HERE to view the Anderson website to select the products that best suits you!

Poly Cans
Poly cans are sold by the stack.
Round Pots
Round standard pots are sold by the case only. Saucers are available for round pots, sizes 6" to 16". Available in the following colors: green and black.
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Anderson Saucers
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Anderson Saucers
Sold by the case