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B & B Supplies

B & B Cart
Lift the ball right from the hole. Made of heavy 1 inch tube frame, with 15 x 6.00-6 tires. 1,100 lb. capacity.
Barnel BB/Pack-it Tree Tote
Barnel's tree totes have heavy duty galvanized aircraft cable construction, padded reinforced handle grips and high load capacities. Select wide to hold odd shapes securely or tapered to fit easily under root balls and nursery containers.
Container Cart
Can carry a 25 gallon pot.
Hog Ring Stapler
Self-feeding, wraps staples around twisted neck of burlap. Faster and easier than sewing on burlap balls.
Nylon Slings
For lifting heavy baskets, trees, shrubs, etc. Custom sizes are available.
Pinning Nails
Oval head pinning nails used for pinning burlap in place on B & B root balls.
Plastic Tree Trunk Protectors
Can be applied in the fall and over-wintered without breaking down like corrugated paper products. The white outside will help reflect sunlight and protect the trunk from sun-scald.
Rubber Bands
For use on Rhododendrons, etc. Wrap branches tight to tree or bush to prevent whipping and broken branches during shipping. Sold by the pound. 5 lb. bags, 25 lb./cs.
Twine Knives
The ring is aluminum, rivets are nickel-plated brass and the blade is a heat-treated 1095 high carbon steel. Wear on a finger of either hand. Sizes 8 through 15. 12 per box. Sold individually.
Wire Basket Crimpers
For crimping your wire baskets snug to the root ball. Made of 1-inch round tubing.