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Root Pouch-Grey, no handles

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The utilitarian line, affordable for mass production. The ultimate in-ground grow pouch, as it's fabric offers a blend of PET and natural fibers. No other grow bag company offers natural fiber blends. Natural fibers will absorb water and draw water towards the bags from surrounding soil. Porous material that allows insulations in the winter cold and summer heat. Simply the best choice for in-ground growing. Note, when you are planting the tree or plant in the ground permanently, please remove the pouch.

The Grey 3-4 year fabric is ideal for nursery growers that want a fabric that will hold strong and prune roots above ground, and will start to break down when planted in ground after 3 years.

*Handwash or gentle cycle
*Air dry
*Industrial strength stitching

Dimensions & Volume:
3 Gallon: 10"W x 8-1/2"H, 12 liters
10 Gallon: 16"W x 12"H, 39 liters
15 Gallon: 17"W x 15"H, 56 liters

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