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Organic Potting Mix

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Organic Potting Mix #17 - Bulk Bag
Price: $368.80
Organic Potting Mix #17 - Bulk Bag
2.5 cubic yard tote
20% Coir (Cosmic Coir – OMRI)
20% Growers grade peat moss (Premier Horticulture OMRI)
20% Propagation grade Perlite (Supreme Perlite – OMRI)
20% Screened pumice (South Chemult Pumice – OMRI Allowed, mined and screened to 1/16 - 3/8)
20% Aged Douglas Fir Bark (Pacific Fiber/Lane Forest Products – OMRI Allowed, trees are stripped of bark, the bark is ground and aged, then screened for size at our facility)
Yucca wetting agent
Free of weeds, disease and insects.

Sold in 2 cubic ft bags & 2.5 cubic yard tote bags.
**Note: Tote bags require a forklift for offloading.