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Blow Molded, Grip-Lip & Econo-Grip -Nursery Supplies

No matter what you are growing, Nursery Supplies is sure to have the container you need.
grip lip
Grip-Lip containers are designed to provide maximum stacking and shipping strength. They ease the strain of maneuvering plants and trees because the lip becomes a rigid handle.
Custom Containers
The Custom is our economy line of blow-molded containers. This container is designed to get your plants to market efficiently. All Nursery Suplies blow-molded containers carry a 2-year guarantee and some are available with smooth sides.
The Lerio® name has been associated with the nursery industry for almost 90 years. We are proud to have this great name as part of the Nursery Supplies family. Lerio® large vacuum-formed containers offer exceptional strength and durability.
poly-tainer cans
Poly-tainer cans are injection molded for strength and rigidity. This sturdy container is strong enough for shipping and attractively styled for selling.
The Accelerator® air root pruning system is a natural way to help grow a better tree with a stronger root structure from propagation to final planting in the ground. NON STOCK ITEM.