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Doc Farwell's Damage Seal & Heal Quart

Price: $21.48
Item Number: MSGSHQ

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Green wound dressing.   Colored to blend well with tree foliage.  Preferred by orchardists and nurserymen.

**OBC Northwest will NOT ship product during freezing temperatures (est. Oct.-Mar.)If shipped OBC NW cannot be held responsible for product damages**. 

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This is great for grafting!
Rural WA State (Walla Walla, WA) 5/14/2016 11:42 AM
I grafted for the first time this year and tried other types of grafting sealer first: beeswax, black pitch, and Trowbridge's grafting wax. The wax ones were too difficult to use. First you need to warm them up, but even then still difficult to apply to the graft without pushing it loose. The pitch stuff was just plain nasty and hard to clear up afterwards. I was thus dubious about Doc Farwell's Seal and Heal, but the Yellow D-F grafting sealant only comes in one gallon :-( and I did not want that much. On getting the Seal and Heal, I found it to be the perfect solution for my amateur skills. It is like thick latex paint. I would wrap my graft with saran wrap, then paint on the seal and heal with a paint brush. The texture was great: thin enough to paint on, thick enough hold onto the graft. And when it dried, it had this great rubbery texture that held my amateur grafts together until they took. Using this, I had a 90% success rate with my grafts. Also, since it is latex based, I can wash my brushes and reuse them! I can't imagine using anything else now that I have used this and don't understand why it isn't used more. Today I'm ordering more.
I love this stuff!
Mike Breland (Walla Walla, WA) 4/1/2016 9:40 AM
This is a latex base sealer, think thick paint, that goes on easily and dries fairly quickly (1-2 hrs) to form a rubbery, flexible seal around my grafts. It really helps to stabilize my grafts. I also use it during pruning, since it goes on so easily and dries quickly. The only alternatives are grafting wax that needs to be warmed up or that nasty black tar, which probably has a bunch of toxic chemical in it. If I were a tree, I'd prefer Doc's Seal and Heal. The tarry stuff is also usually too hard to apply without heating. Kept at room temperature or even into the 50's, Doc's Seal and Heal keeps a good viscosity that allows easy application. I'm also able to clean my paint brush later using just water and thus can re-use it. I'm not stuck with a black tarry paint brush I have to dispose of. I love this stuff.