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Nursery Labels & Printers

All-Weather Notebooks and Paper
All-weather paper, and pens that are resistant to moisture.
Galvanized Metal Sign Holders
With flanged edges so cards will not blow out. Priced and sold individually, 25 per box.
Metal tags you can write on with ball point pen or pencil, on both sides. Will not rust or deteriorate. Sold in boxes of 100. Priced per Box.
Molded Pot Labels
Injection molded stakes are made of heavy duty styrene from .055 to .070 thickness. Priced per 1,000.
PID Permanent ID Labels
Numbered and can be imprinted with two lines of information as well. Ideal for those who require tamper proof identification of specific trees. pre-numbered. White in stock. Other colors available upon request.
Pressure Sensitive Labels
Long-lasting labels for outdoor application. Permanent adhesive backing. Ready for use on containers, flats, and most other smooth surfaces.
Push-On Tags
20 mil. styrene plastic. Blank push-on labels are used for labeling, color coding, and pricing your plants, trees and shrubs. Weight per 1,000 is 2.5 lbs. 100 per bundle. 1,000 per box. Priced per 1,000.
"T" Stakes
T-Stakes are produced from .030 polystyrene for easy insertion into most soil. Priced per bundle. 100 per bundle.
Taggit Pro Labeling Design Software
Whether you need to print bar codes, text, graphic images, color pictures or from a database, Taggit Pro has the features to help you design and print tags and labels with ease.
Thermal Label Printing & Barcode Printing
Labels are printed at OBC. Customer provides printing information and we print custom labels according to your specifications. Options for printing; text lines, logos, and barcodes.
Wooden Garden Labels
Unpainted. Sold in quantities of 250 per Box and 1000 per Box.
Yard cards
These information cards can be used as "Silent Salesmen" to help sell your plants. These cards can be written on with a grease pen or permanent waterproof marking pen.
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Ribbon for Desktop Thermal Printer
Price: $22.13
Ribbon for Desktop Thermal Printer
Ribbon for the Desktop Thermal Printer TSC TTP-247.
Thermal Labels End to End Slip-On
Price: Select size to view
Thermal Labels End to End Slip-On
Customers outside Oregon & Washington -limited to 1 roll orders: call and we can refer to Sato vendor in your state!
Thermal Slip On Labels
Price: Select size to view
Thermal Slip On Labels
Customers outside Oregon & Washington-limited to 1 roll orders: call and we can refer to Sato vendor in your state!
TXPSX Thermal Printer 5"
Price: $4,304.43
TXPSX Thermal Printer 5"
only sold to Oregon and Washington customers